Eat ‘Cake’ for Breakfast

gluten-free vegetarians do eat

Hope everyone is enjoying the long awaited nice weather, if you are on the East Coast. Although it’s not quite summer the weather is trying, in the meantime while I wait for some heat ☀️☀️ I’ll eat cake!! Don’t judge me….I wanted to make a simple, gluten free pound cake for sometime now. I finally got down to it. And yes, I did eat it early in the morning. Some people eat muffins for breakfast so hey, why not? It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Lol. This cake came out so moist and it is absolutely delicious. I used ingredients I had in my kitchen and in one hour I had a beautiful perfectly delicious cake. (If you would like specific measurements leave me a comment.)

I used:

Bobs Mill Guten free baking mix (already contains Xanthan Gum, baking powder and salt)


Almond Milk

Olive Oil


Vanilla extract


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