GF Pumpkin Butter Ravioli

Another delicious way to eat pumpkin, which is extremely rich in beta carotene and great for the spleen. Try experimenting with some of your favorite spices like nutmeg, basil or oregano. This recipe makes enough for two people.

GF Pumpkin Butter Ravioli

For ravioli:
1.5 cups GF flour blend (I like brown rice, oat and millet)
1 egg
1 TBSP coconut oil
1/4 + cup water

1/2 cup pumpkin butter (blend equal portions of pureed pumpkin and raw or organic butter. You can swap the butter for coconut oil however use only 1 TBSP oil with 1/2 cup pumpkin puree.)

Olive oil
Parmesan cheese (or ground cashews as a cheese-alternative)
sautéed onions and red bell peppers (optional)

 1. To make ravioli combine ingredients in a bowl and mix with hands until dough forms. Add water slowly so that you add just the right amount. You want to be able to roll your dough and for it not to stick on your fingers, however you don’t want it crumbly. You might need to experiment with your flour choices to get the right consistency. To make things easier you can use a pre-packaged GF flour blend.
2. Roll dough out on a sheet and roll as thin as possible. Make sure dough is still strong enough to hold a filling,
3. Cut into small squares and add a small spoon of pumpkin butter. Fold and crease with a fork to seal the edges.
4. Meanwhile boil water on the stove and begin adding ravioli a few at a time for about 2-3 minutes tops. The ravioli will float when they are ready.
5. Top with fresh olive oil and garnishes of your choice.


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